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A Transformation of Your Smile

How long has it been since you felt truly confident smiling? Ate more than a soft food diet? Didn’t feel oral pain or discomfort? Suffering from many failing or missing teeth can take both a physical and emotional toll on you. Missing teeth can cause serious health issues that go beyond just our oral health. Once a patient is missing a tooth or worse, multiple teeth, bone loss begins almost immediately. After the bone loss has begun, the bone resorbs and shifts around the remaining teeth causing a change in facial structure and overall jaw health. Dr. Pitts specializes in placing permanent dental implants that will put a stop to bone loss and keep you at your healthiest.

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Know The Options You Have

We’re pleased to offer the following solutions for replacing all your failing or missing teeth: traditional dentures, implant supported dentures, and permanent full mouth dental implants. Dentures, though the initially most affordable option, aren’t a long-term solution and may cause more problems than they solve over time. Implant supported dentures are dentures attached to dental implants that provide greater stability and function. Full mouth dental implants are the ultimate in full arch rehabilitation, permanently replacing all your failing or missing teeth with a fixed bridge of teeth attached to four or more dental implants. While the idea of saving the most amount of money possible and getting a quick fix is an attractive one, dentures don’t really offer much of a solution. Dentures only treat the symptom without actually solving the problem, whereas dental implants fix the problem and supply the solution. Dental implants utilize a post that anchors directly into the bone and keeps the remaining bone from shifting, where dentures sit on top of the bone while the jaw moves underneath them.

Our Solution-Focused Treatments

All-On-4® Dental Implants

Dr. Pitts is certified by Nobel Biocare to place their innovative All-On-4 dental implants. This implantology method allows patients to regain both their confidence and also their lifestyle. By placing the full arch replacement on four implants, patients enjoy the sturdiest possible teeth that function and look exactly like natural teeth that will last patients a lifetime.
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Single Dental Implants

Patients who are missing a tooth and are struggling with the health effects as well as a loss of confidence have a solution available to them that will fully restore both. Dental Implants are the “miracle solution” to the problem of missing teeth due to their versatility. Being able to support a single implant, a full arch and even bridges, dental implants offer a solution to nearly every single patient who is missing any number of their teeth.
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Fixed Bridges

For patients who need a solution to their multiple missing teeth but need a more cost-effective alternative to dental implants, fixed bridges are the perfect solution. Supported by dental implants, a fixed bridge is made from one solid prosthesis as opposed to being made into multiple or individual implants. Dr. Pitts has spent years perfecting his craft of fixing smiles, and fixed bridges allow him to just that for the patients who need a solution to their missing teeth.

Making The Perfect Smile Accessible

Our full mouth dental implants in LaGrange, Ga are one of the best investments you can make in your smile and quality of life. Full arch dental implants won’t ever slip or fall out of your mouth or look unnatural. They’ll give you the stability to bite and chew any kind of food (including steak, raw veggies, and nuts) and will actually improve the health of your jawbone so it doesn’t shrink. In terms of your long-term quality of life, full mouth dental implants are the ideal choice, even if you have a failing dentition or severe bone loss.

Don’t let financial limitations stop you from receiving the high-quality and life-changing care you deserve. Our office staff does not file claims to your dental insurance provider on your behalf. While some insurance companies offer limited coverage for dental implants, our team will work hard to help you get all the benefits your plan entitles you to. We also partner with trusted third-party financing companies  to provide you with monthly payment plans that work for your family. Let’s talk about your teeth and how full mouth dental implants can fit within your budget! A fulfilling new chapter of your life awaits you. Embrace it!

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