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Tooth loss can take a toll on your physical and psychological health. Without stimulation provided by natural tooth roots, the underlying bone can quickly deteriorate and get resorbed, which can lead to undesirable changes to your facial structure. Adjacent teeth can shift, resulting in bite issues and jaw pain, while the empty spaces encourage bacteria growth that can lead to decay and gum disease. You may be too embarrassed to smile, which can negatively impact your social and professional life. If you’re living with the many consequences of tooth loss or frustrated with ill-fitting dentures, All-on-4™ full mouth dental implants in LaGrange, GA are a great option for restoring your smile and life. The streamlined, cost-effective All-on 4 to 6 protocol enables our experienced implant dentist Dr. Chuck Pitts to place four to six implants per arch and a temporary prosthesis in just one day. Dr. Pitts has more than 1,000 hours of postdoctoral training as a restorative and implant dentist and is certified by Nobel Biocare™ in the All-on-4 protocol. When you choose Refresh Me Dental Center for full arch dental implants, you’ll experience extraordinary care and top-level professionalism delivered with a personal touch!

We can help put an end to your painful and discouraging symptoms with full mouth solutions that fit your lifestyle, smile goals, and budget!

The Limitations of Dentures and Bridges

While dentures and bridges can partially restore natural tooth function and aesthetics, they don’t reverse existing bone loss. Bridges require modification and crowns on the teeth that support the false tooth. Traditional dentures require adhesive, removal at night and denture cleaning solution. They can slip or fall out when you smile, laugh, cough, eat or speak. Dentures are usually made out of acrylic or a hard plastic polymer, therefore they’re prone to wear and tear. Due to ongoing bone loss and changes to your gum tissue, dentures can become ill-fitting, leading to gum irritation and pain. Frequent relining is necessary to ensure the inner plate hugs your gums and the dentures fit properly. When you get implant supported dentures, you’ll never experience slippage, gum irritation or have to use cleaning solutions or messy adhesives ever again. With All-on-4 to 6 full arch dental implants, you’ll experience improved speech, maintain the health of your jawbone, be able to enjoy all your favorite foods and care for them like natural teeth! The Nobel Biocare All-on-4 full mouth dental implants protocol has been used in 250,000 patients and counting, with a success rate of 98% after seven years.
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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

We Deliver Dream Smiles in Three Streamlined Steps

When you receive full mouth dental implants in LaGrange, GA, the process is performed in three streamlined steps—with advanced technology to make the entire implant process more precise and comfortable for you. Dr. Pitts uses X-Guide®, a revolutionary 3D navigation system and the Yomi® dental robot. These technologies extend the capabilities of cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology, enable a higher degree of precision and accuracy and reduce the time required for surgery.

Step 1: Consultation and Planning

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We offer complimentary consultations for new patients that include an exam and CBCT scan to analyze your bone structure, nerve tissue and sinus cavities. About 150–200 images created in less than a minute are compiled into a single 3D picture. The 3D image and digital impressions are used to precisely plan your dental implant surgery.

Step 2: Guided Implant Surgery

During the fully guided procedure, Dr. Pitts strategically places four or six dental implants per arch in the jawbone where bone mass is the most substantial. Tilting the posterior (back) dental implants at a 45-degree angle usually prevents the need for bone grafting. In addition to a local anesthetic to numb your gums, we offer IV sedation to ensure you’re completely relaxed and comfortable during surgery. After placing the implant posts, Dr. Pitts attaches a temporary fixed All-On-4 bridge so you won’t have to live another day without teeth. With the All-on-4 full arch dental implants protocol, you’ll experience less postoperative discomfort, bleeding, swelling and bruising. In fact, many patients can resume normal activities as soon as the following day.

Step 3: Healing and Final Restoration

Before After
Before After
A soft food diet is recommended while your full arch dental implants integrate with the underlying jawbone in a process called osseointegration. It typically takes three to six months for the dental implants to fuse and complete healing to occur. Proper fusion is essential for dental implants to act like natural tooth roots and provide a strong and long-lasting foundation for your new teeth. The final stage of the full mouth dental implants process is removal of the temporary prosthesis and fitting you with beautiful, custom-made new teeth made from high-quality zirconia. Full mouth dental implants restore 99% of biting and chewing power so you can enjoy all the foods you love without limitations.
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Cost Transparency and Affordability

At Refresh Me Dental Center, we believe full mouth dental implants should be accessible to anyone who needs them. From day one, we pride ourselves on open communication and transparency about costs, so you’ll know what to expect and never be subjected to hidden fees. We offer complimentary new patient consultations and partner with third-party financing companies to make getting full mouth dental implants in LaGrange, GA a dream come true!

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