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Dr. Chuck Pitts
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Robotic assistance has become a standard of care in medicine, used to enhance surgical procedures in over one million patients annually. Although robotic surgery has been a mainstay of the medical community for more than 20 years, Yomi® is the first and only FDA-cleared robot-assisted dental surgery system commercially available in the U.S. Developed by the healthcare start-up Neocis, Yomi gained FDA clearance for general dental implant procedures in 2016 and for full mouth dental implants in 2020. The Yomi implant robot is intended for use in partially edentulous (toothless) and fully edentulous adult patients who are candidates for dental implants. Since it gained FDA approval, Yomi has become increasingly popular and as of January 2022, has been used to place more than 10,000 dental implants. At Refresh Me Dental Center, our implant dentist Dr. Chuck Pitts uses the Yomi computerized navigational system to enhance preoperative planning and guided dental implant surgery in LaGrange, GA.

The Yomi implant robot is intended for use in partially edentulous (toothless) and fully edentulous adult patients who are candidates for dental implants.

How Our Advanced Technology Benefits Your Smile

In the 40 years that Dr. Pitts has been in practice, he has incorporated ongoing advances in dental technology that have transformed the field and significantly improved patient outcomes. He invested in the Yomi robot in LaGrange GA because he believes in providing exceptional clinical care delivered as seamlessly as possible. By increasing accuracy and precision, while streamlining the dental implant process and workflows, Yomi helps Dr. Pitts deliver the best full mouth dental implants in LaGrange, GA. The Yomi robot is just one of several state-of-the-art technologies at Refresh Me Dental Center that Dr. Pitts uses to deliver top-quality dentistry to his patients!

The Benefits of Yomi in Dental Implant Surgery

The use of robotics provides advantages over freehand techniques for placing instrumentation and dental implants. Yomi system software enhances preoperative planning of dental implantation procedures, while navigational guidance for surgical instruments ensures precise placement the day of surgery. A recent clinical study on full mouth dental implants showed Yomi surgeons completed one arch in 90 minutes and both arches in 2.5 hours. According to Neocis, the system enables dentists to accurately plan and place dental implants using physical, haptic guidance that other treatment options don’t offer. Yomi robotic haptics guide Dr. Pitts’ hand throughout the implant procedure, while also allowing dynamic adjustments based on his clinical expertise. By guiding the precise angulation and location and securely maintaining this position, Yomi prevents unintended deviation and incorrect placement. Additional benefits include:

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