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dental implant patient
"Dental Implants Have Made My Life So Much Better!"

My teeth were so short that they were giving me problems with eating, came to him and he told us what he can do and what he can’t do.

It's just a whole lot better. I'm getting used to provide again, that it's such a difference, but it's so much better.

Dr. Chuck Pitts And Refresh Me Dental Center Staff Showing A Dental Implant Patient His New Mouth With A Mirror After The Implant Surgery

Dr. Pitts:

Bobby had already had some implants placed on his lower arch, but he had a full [inaudible] natural teeth that were worn very severely. We did our assessment, did a very thorough exam, did our cone beam X-ray and noted that the implants he had, had what I would call adequate bone to support them, not great, but adequate.


I still eat what I want to eat but it is just getting more difficult to eat


Everybody has been so super nice and Dr. Pitts just goes over every single thing with us and you know, tells us exactly, okay we can do this, and this is what will happen. This is another option and this is what will happen, you know, every option that you have.

Dr. Pitts:

I showed him a model of another case that I’ve done similar to his that showed a worn dentition and about a third of the tooth structure had been worn away. And I held up a mirror for him to look in. I said, you see where your teeth are worn. So if we were to add back, and put your bite back more evenly, not only would it make those teeth function better, look, fantastic, it would give us the room to put some teeth on the implants that you’ve already paid for.


It’s just a whole lot better. I’m getting used to provide again, that it’s such a difference, but it’s so much better.

Dr. Pitts:

We’re in our transition now to help him get the teeth on his new implants. He’s got some upper teeth, restorative dentistry that’s adequate, not great. And I’m not sure if he’ll decide to go forward with that or not, but I can tell you that if he does decide to go forward with it, we’ll do it because the confidence in us is what we have [inaudible].

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